AnalogX DLL Archive – libraries cleanup tool

dll_archive_icon Several Windows versions ago cleanup of DLL files was just as popular as registry cleanup. Modern storage doesn’t mind extra file (or hundred), but technically issue of orphaned libraries never went away.

DLL Archive is an utility that scans computer for unused library files.

What it does

App works in two stages:

  1. scan of computer for all libraries;
  2. checking Windows for library references and cross-checking with found.


Results are presented in classic multi-column interface and are sortable. All or selected files can be moved to archive folder.

Strong features

There are some configuration options about what files and where should be searched (like excluding external drives and limiting search to system folders).

App doesn’t go deleting stuff, but only copies files to archive folder, from which they can be restored.

Needs and wants

  • don’t see why there is no option to search specific path;
  • information could use file version, when available.


Really I wouldn’t recommend just using this app. Process is safe in theory, but with usual software zoo you never know and missing library can break more things than missing registry key.


Not recommended for straightforward usage, but solid and interesting as research tool for libraries. I found some files dated 2001. :)

Home&download http://www.analogx.com/contents/download/System/dllarch/Freeware.htm

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  • The DataRat #

    . "Process is safe in theory, but with usual software zoo you never know" . Exactly ! These things have crippled more computers than they have sped-up. It just sounds ~so~ nice in theory. . The Computer Rodent .
  • Rarst #

    @DataRat Still it is interesting to browse libraries. I hadn't re-installed Windows in a long time. Feels archaeological. :)
  • OAlexander #

    I tried it out, quite a while ago. The back-up is the best feature. You will need it. Else, it is totally useless. As DataRat said "These things have crippled more computers than they have sped-up."