• I find that the biggest problem with viruses and malware are the users themselves. I used to work as a sales rep/tech in a computer store and people always came in who seemed to know just enough about computers to get themselves into trouble. Personally, I feel a lot of malware issues arise from scareware tactics aimed specifically at these users. They know enough that anti-viruses keep them from viruses, but not enough to be considered computer savy.

  • @Angelo

    True, those toolbars didn’t install themselves in first place. :) Still issue is so not going away so we can at least try to have fun fixing.

  • Definitely, and for us fixers, it’s always best to have as much information as possible.

  • Hmm, I’ve never seen an Opera “infection” before. Toolbars suck I’ve had a few nasty experiences with them – except roboform and stumble and…..

  • @Jonny

    Yeah, Internet Explorer and Firefox are common malware targets. Still even being underdog Opera has many millions of users and this strick with super setup is easy to implement.

  • Nicbot

    Just my 2…

    It may not have helped in this case, but it’s always a good idea imo to have 2 anti-malware programs. There have been times when one will catch something another will not. For example, I use MAM as my first line of removal and SAS as my second. SAS has better pin-point scanning and features than MAM, but takes longer as a result.

  • @Nicbot

    I actually have at least three (CureIt, ClamWin Portable and AVZ) anti-malware scanners with me. :) And it is definitely good idea.

    This time I stopped after fast CureIt scan because it works reasonably well and I was in no mood for long and complete checkup.

  • I really love SAS an MalwareBytes – I’ve never seen anything caught by Clamwin though – Avira’s boot disk is also really good.

  • @Jonny

    ClamWin had totally saved me once with very fresh and dangerous virus that was not caught by all other scanners I tried for few days. I don’t use it extensively but keep around and updated.

    Kepp suggestions coming, people. I like good anti-malware tools, essential in being-computer-guy line of work. :)

  • Радогор

    Спасибо за помощь.

  • @Радогор

    You are welcome. :)

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