• kingpin

    Hey may be Glary’s utility pro is much better as it tends to provide backup for registry.Do you try it pro version?

  • kelltic

    I’m a little curious about what’s in the Miscellaneous Tools box and Special Folders.

    It seems to me that we’ve been taught to be obsessional about cleaning our computers. By program developers, perhaps? Note the word we use, “cleaning”, implying we scrubbed it in the tub or gave it a long hot shower to get rid of its filth (who wants to be dirty? what would the neighbors think?), instead of “clearing”, which I think would be more appropriate – kinda like giving it a sweep. All I know is that it I’ve found it best to proceed with caution when using cleanup software. Too many times I’ve ended up surprised to find things I thought of as conveniences, such as MRUs, gone after “cleaning” something. I’ve also had the awful experience of finding 80% of my file associations destroyed after using the venerable CCleaner – which also, by the way, destroys the little icons in my startup menu. As for registry cleaning, that’s like playing Russian roulette. Too exciting for my feint heart.

    I use Glary Utilities to put all the temporary internet files and .tmp files in one place so I can decide exactly what I want to get rid of. As a startup manager, Glary has failed me. Win Patrol works out better. I also have a couple of other similar bundles on my system – that I don’t use. I keep meaning to narrow it down to just one. Or better yet, one app for each purpose. How about you make up a list for us? :)

  • @kingpin

    Nope, I don’t really use free version much either.


    Misc tools = autorun control, crappy process manager, RAM optimizer (yeaaaah, sure) and some tweaks.

    Special folders is like SpecialFoldersView.

    As for stuff going poof after cleaners – it’s because they kinda confuse cleaning up junk and cleaning up privacy stuff. CCleaner does both, that’s why I only use my own config – not default.

    About file extensions – there is probably something wrong with how software you use registers those. I had never encountered CCleaner killing anything but totally broken file associations, left after uninstalls.

    My core cleanup list is basically
    Process Explorer

    Half basic cleanup, half manual work. Nothing amazing really.

  • kelltic

    Hey, thanks for the info and the little list!

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