• BitTorrent Sync is awesome. It has totally replaced all other file storage services for me. I run my own little cloud service on my server. Even when I used Dropbox, I still felt compelled to sync it all up with Amazon S3 to keep it backed up, so I always had to do quite a bit of work for those hosted solutions anyway, just because I didn’t trust them to keep my stuff stored securely.

    • I see the potential, but plain not working on one of my most critical folders is a deal breaker for now.

      Some hosted solutions are quite privacy–centric, SpiderOak does client–side encryption as far as I remember. But it’s more niche so more expensive storage, etc.

  • macrow

    great to hear its actually working, somehow. i’m doing since a while some sort of ‘cross-hosting’ file manager(wp:xfile) and torrent as ‘storage’ is just fascinating. walking around with a device which can pick up the most favourized content from friends/home and the office is definitly time-saving, the first time you actually can escpape from the pit-falls of classical solutions (paid)

    there are some open source alternatives http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/27492-syncthing-new-opensource-alternative-to-btsync/. Lets see where this is going, at least in the right direction :-)

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