NetResView – helper utility for shared folders

netresview_icon Shared folders in Windows are one of those things that kinda work, but kinda suck at the same time. They get things… well, shared but fail to do it in convenient way. Situation worsens fast in messy network.

NetResView (another fine Nirsoft app) searches local network for shares and builds convenient informational list of them.

What it does

App scans computers in network and builds list of their shared folders.


It presents results in usual multi-column view. They can be quickly opened in Explorer from context menu or with Ctrl+E hotkey.

Strong features

All shares are scanned, including administrative. Makes it easier to get around own network or perform shares security check either.

Additional details could also be useful, local paths are especially convenient.

For large network you can limit scan to particular domain in options.

Needs and wants

App does work nicely but I feel that it could be more functional about what to do with results. It would be nice to open folder’s properties (with security settings) from interface. There is also no way to open multiply folders except than one by one.


Excellent, compact and portable – as usual for Nirsoft app. On other hand as many Nirsoft apps, that don’t get much attention, functionality seems slightly lacking.

Home&download http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/netresview.html

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