Quick ‘n Easy FTP Server Lite

qne_ftp_server_icon I had previously covered HTTP File Server as excellent solution to share files. However, being based on HTTP protocol that was developed for web-pages transfer, it only serves files without good upload or remote file management support.

Quick ‘n Easy FTP Server Lite is similar application based on FTP .

What it does

It’s tiny single-executable application that creates FTP server. Ports and connection limits can be customized but are just as fine left to defaults.


Interface is light and provides multiply ways to do things. It’s completely impossible to get lost in it. Two setup wizards handle general settings and accounts creation.

Account support

User accounts are easy to manage.



They are password protected (except anonymous account), have separate permissions for actions and setting for home directory defines what is accessible to each account separately.


Biggest problem is no support for virtual folders. Only real folders can be shared. It can be from hard to impossible to give single account access to folders on different hard drive partitions and such.

Approach may be easier to users looking for simplest solution possible but power users may find it very lacking. Basically access is always limited to single folder and all of sub-folders.

No filters based on file-type either. It’s all or nothing.


Application is extremely easy to setup and use but functions set is limited. It will work fine for sharing single folder or having one for uploads (which is FTP strong side) but not for complex file sharing setups. May also work fine for personal usage with whole hard drive partition shared.

App is freeware. By default it writes setting to registry but can be switched to portable mode by starting with /f./ftpserver.ini argument. User account are always saved to XML file with passwords hashed. There is shareware Pro version available.

Home&download http://www.pablosoftwaresolutions.com/html/quick__n_easy_ftp_server_lite.html

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  • Nihar #

    Nice tool. thanks for sharing this...
  • Rarst #

    @Nihar Glad you liked it. :) I mostly use HFS, but sometimes need to quickly setup FTP. HFS is going to get FTP support according to roadmap but it is developed bit slowly.