• Any idea how much CPU it uses? It would be a great piece of software to install on lower end computers if it doesn’t use up much.

  • @szekelya

    Will take a look at it, however looks very similar. And deep consideration between simple apps defeats purpose. :)


    I don’t have specific figures but it was made with low resource consumption in mind. There are also two different mp3 decoders to choose in settings – one with ssightly better quality and one with lower CPU usage.

    I think it will work on older PC perfectly (and hope this doesn’t bite me later :).

  • Ah, okay, I’ll try it out in a virtual machine, and try and give it as little memory/cpu as possible :D

  • Chocobito

    Really interesting little program. Same like you, I never like Winamp so much, now I use AIMP2 that use the incredible good bass library. Anyway 1by1 is perfect for my old PC, thanks.

  • @Chocobito

    I know about AIMP but it has more of quality/etc reputation. I hardly need that stuff.

    Glad this was a fit for your old PC. :) Messing with old hardware is cool, it is often surprisingly useful with right software and some effort.

  • bluebunny27

    yes, i use it too … 1 by 1 … i like to let it play music … not very loud, when i’m trying to go to sleep. then in the morning when i wake up it’s still playing. no playlists, good idea. all my music is stored in one folder and i use the shuffle mode.

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