1by1 – tiny and portable mp3 audio player

1by1_icon For some reason saying that I don’t like and never used Winamp much shocks people. :) I do not mix well with audio players because:

  1. I do not listen to music much (and mostly on the go through my N810);
  2. I dislike layer of meta information and flood of meaningless details.

1by1 is mp3 player that I feel was coded by person who thinks a lot like me.

What it does

Plays mp3. Really. What is more interesting – how it does that.


App uses most natural (as for me) organization for music – the one already created by folders and files at hard drive. There is regular playlist option, but by default it simply plays what is in selected folder.

Strong features

  • no fluff;
  • single-screen interface;
  • hotkeys for everything, system-wide hotkeys and support for dedicated media keys;
  • simple file-management without leaving interface;
  • compact mode and big title ticker.


Settings are surprisingly extensive and allow control many details, both of audio playback and app itself. Since app itself is minimalistic they are hardly needed for normal operation. But for those who like to tweak software precisely – plenty to poke there.


Truly simple, convenient and completely portable mp3 player from developer of mp3DirectCut. Audiophiles can boo me all they want, but for listening to some music on PC – 1by1 is just perfect for my taste.

Home&download http://mpesch3.de1.cc/1by1.html

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  • szekelya #

    Have you tried billy? http://www.sheepfriends.com/?page=billy One of my favourites, however I run a fully skinned desktop.
  • Noah #

    Any idea how much CPU it uses? It would be a great piece of software to install on lower end computers if it doesn't use up much.
  • Rarst #

    @szekelya Will take a look at it, however looks very similar. And deep consideration between simple apps defeats purpose. :) @Noah I don't have specific figures but it was made with low resource consumption in mind. There are also two different mp3 decoders to choose in settings - one with ssightly better quality and one with lower CPU usage. I think it will work on older PC perfectly (and hope this doesn't bite me later :).
  • Noah #

    Ah, okay, I'll try it out in a virtual machine, and try and give it as little memory/cpu as possible :D
  • Chocobito #

    Really interesting little program. Same like you, I never like Winamp so much, now I use AIMP2 that use the incredible good bass library. Anyway 1by1 is perfect for my old PC, thanks.
  • Rarst #

    @Chocobito I know about AIMP but it has more of quality/etc reputation. I hardly need that stuff. Glad this was a fit for your old PC. :) Messing with old hardware is cool, it is often surprisingly useful with right software and some effort.
  • bluebunny27 #

    yes, i use it too ... 1 by 1 ... i like to let it play music ... not very loud, when i'm trying to go to sleep. then in the morning when i wake up it's still playing. no playlists, good idea. all my music is stored in one folder and i use the shuffle mode.