Fix or tune downloads handling in Opera

I had encountered curious case yesterday – Opera installation just ignored all attempts to download binary files (archives, executables – anything). Since issue survived update to latest version I reasoned it was misconfiguration rather than corrupted install.

Opera is very customizable at handling incoming files, which third party software (like download managers) can sometimes break.

Downloads settings

Menu > Settings > Preferences (Ctrl+F12) > Advanced > Downloads



Opera identifies files by combination of extensions and MIME types. List is searchable, but don’t forget to uncheck Hide file types opened with Opera if you want all entries.

Each entry can be edited and set for one of possible actions. Can be handled by Opera itself (if applicable) or application of your choice.



In that case of broken downloads binary files (couple of entries) had been associated with broken leftover plugin from uninstalled download manager app.


Downloads settings get little attention (until something goes wrong with them), but they are also quite useful to simplify and streamline handling of file types you encounter often.

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  • Steve #

    Why no one is to fix extension, extensions icons on opera portable so that extensions will work on and why absolutely no one is to virtualize such browser in order to isolate everything from OS ! I don't want opening web pages to tamper the os all over the place ! I have tray to virtualize it my self but i gave up, its to complicated and ending up with crippled browser using various open source app virtualization and some comercial ! It seems to me that no one wants for common users to have secure browsers in order to do all nasty things they do ! Virtualizing OS in OS for such purpose is absolute hardware overkill and nonsense specially if one uses chrome based browsers that are so resource hungry that stops OS to stall state !!! Using sandboxie, browsers also loses functionality extensions not working due how opera browser integrate/install into os ! Why must everything be opened and vunerable thus so many problems specially with MS OS'ses ! Today absolute no browser is secure enough on MS Windows ! I will newer in my life use on line business, transactions of waht so ever bank related tasks and newer use computer for confidential task ! I hope that i have make clear how unreliable OS and browsers rely are !!!! And someone should make steps to prevent steps to ending such politics relaited to common internet user ! Internet is become huge threat and no fun at all ! Microsoft and some other vendoers wont secure their os-ses enough and browser developers also doing nothing abaut it ! Some security features should be imlemented inside of browsers and not as widgets and extensions ! What do they waiting for ??? For aliens to do their job or what ???