Convert PDF to text with free version of PDFZilla

zilla_icon Another suggestion sitting in Skribit widget for some time – “Could I submit my freeware? Zilla PDF to TXT Converter”.

Well, you did. PDF converters are dime a dozen. All the more reason to pay attention to those who ask nicely. So what this one has to offer?

What it does

Zilla PDF to TXT Converter is free version of PDFZilla shareware. Free app is limited to plain text as output format.


App takes PDF files as input and converts them to text files in batch. It can convert all of document or specific range of pages.

I had tried Google study of hard drives as input and it was converted near-instantly. Result is decent except Zilla seemed too happy to swallow breaks between paragraphs.


Actually there is no also. I usually like focused apps but this one is too focused. Saving plain text from unprotected PDF is something any PDF viewer like Foxit Reader will do.


App does exactly what it says. Question is do you really need to convert multiply PDF documents in bulk?

Home&download http://www.pdfzilla.com/zilla_pdf_to_txt_converter.html

Disclosure. Developers offer free licenses for review of full version which has nothing to do with this post. And I think conditions on that offer are nuts by the way.

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  • Adrian #

    Hey Rarst Yes, the requirements are crazy. How can we write a review of the full version if we don't have it? And if we have it, we wouldn't need the license... Adrian
  • Rarst #

    @Adrian Well I think they have trial version... Still - plenty of developers are glad enough to get good constructive posts about their products. Without list of demands. :)