Get most out of network connection with TCP Optimizer

tcpoptimizer_icon One of core performance issues with Windows is curse of default settings. After install you get system that is tuned to work on any hardware and with any software user throws at it. Good for compatibility, sucks for getting every bit of performance.

TCP Optimizer is specialized tweaker utility that corrects multiply network-related settings to match speed of your connection.

What it does

TCP Optimizer takes your connection speed as input and sets all needed settings to match.


It does changes in bulk (those setting are tricky to hunt down manually) and can backup your current settings to be safe. It also has simplified registry editor to work with settings directly.

How to use

There are a lot of settings you can change but unless you are willing to spend some time studying (extensive documentation for TCP Optimizer is provided) them – don’t. Instead:

  1. Set slider to your connection speed in kilobits per second.
  2. Choose network adapter (might be one or few).
  3. Choose Optimal settings.
  4. Click Apply changes.
  5. Reboot to make them effective.

Hard truth

It is very improbable that you will get sudden great boost from this tweak. However:

  • it is beneficial in long term;
  • will make network more responsive (hard to describe this effect);
  • fix issues caused by other software.

If you are really curious try checking download/upload speeds before and after. Speedtest service I had covered recently will do nicely.


Great free tweaker that should be part of initial setup for every PC connected to network of any kind. Works without installation.

Home&download http://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php

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  • Seelenwahnsinn #

    Somehow I'm unable to open the link here, but this software looks really interesting. I'm going to get it as soon as possible to add to my toolbox. I'd love to read your thoughts about it after a few weeks of use.
  • Rarst #

    @Seelenwahnsinn Hm, I've checked link and it works just fine for me. Anyone else has troubles? Direct download link: http://www.speedguide.net/files/TCPOptimizer.exe I’d love to read your thoughts about it after a few weeks of use. You mean me using it or you using it? :) I've been using it for a long time. As in post - can say it's insane boost but those small improvements add up over time.
  • Seelenwahnsinn #

    Yeah I thought the problem was only mine. I had to renew my IP and now it's working fine, both the page link and the direct download. My ISP is really screwing with me on the past few days, links getting inaccessible for no apparently reason are getting too common. *sigh* I meant you using it. I've always thought you were the kind of guy who writes about a program as soon as you find it, like the huge majority of bloggers out there. I'm glad to see that you actually try the software for some time before writing about it (usually what you read about a program is just the initial thoughts).
  • Rarst #

    @Seelenwahnsinn Quite, opposite - most software I write about are those titles that I use for over a year. Some - for a really long time. For new finds I usually mention that in post. Well, in the future there will be more newish stuff when I run out. :)