Encode WAV to MP3 with LameDropXPd

lamedropxpd_icon I needed few large WAV files encoded in MP3. This is something I rarely do and in such cases Portable Freeware is my first stop for some tiny and fitting utility.

LameDropXPd turned out to be one of the tiniest and most fitting for the task utilities I had ever encountered.

What it does

App has dropbox-type interface. It is simply floating square that will encode WAV file you drop on it into MP3 (or backwards).


Software doesn’t get easier than this, after usual button-rich interfaces such streamlined gem feels very nice to use.


LameDropXPd is powered by popular LAME encoder. However instead of usual bulk of cryptic settings in this case it is all boiled down to single Quality slider (right-click interface for menu).




Tiny, minimalistic and completely portable utility that is just excellent at what it does. There is also sister and more complex utility utility oggdropXPd for working with OGG and converting from lossless formats.

Home&download http://www.rarewares.org/mp3-lamedrop.php

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