How to change MAC address with MacMakeUp

macmakeup_icon MAC address is an identifier assigned to network cards. It makes sure that computers look different from each other to network and it all works properly.

Like most supposedly foolproof computing concepts this one also requires occasional fix.

Why change MAC

Most of the time you have no reason to touch MAC address or even know it exist. However there are two scenarios that call for manual changes:

  1. Hardware must be changed while preserving MAC address. Typical example is Internet providers locking access to specific hardware. Routers can usually change MAC address natively but changing it on PCs is not that easy.
  2. MAC address must be changed because it is causing problems. I had once experienced setting up room of new PCs that all had MACs of all zeroes in their network cards. Network was hardly working till those were changed.


Functional and easy to use utility for changing MAC address. I had tried few when I had encountered abovementioned room of new computers and this one worked best.


What it does

MacMakeUp allows to change MAC address to one of your choice or randomized one. Since first few symbols of MAC are code for hardware manufacturer app also has internal list of those codes you can choose from.

There are some advanced settings but I suggest they are not to be tinkered with unless you have good reason to. Same as with actual MAC address editing actually.


Free, single-function, works without installation and simply gets task done.

Home&download http://www.gorlani.com/publicprj/macmakeup/

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