• Noam


    It sounds good, but Icouldn’t find the ‘native portable option’?

    Where is it? I downloaded it and I can only see an installer.


  • @Noam

    Run installer and it will ask in the process if you want to perform regular installation or portable one.

  • tincanman

    I like Cinta Notes. It launches with a hotkey and lets you tag and group notes for retrieval. Its fast and simple and unobtrusive ’cause it hides when you toggle it off.

    Blows everything else like it out of the water, for me anyway.

  • @tincanman

    I saw mentions on that one (also around QuotePad actually) but it seems to be stuck in beta and saw comments it is going to be shareware. Maybe will revisit it later, if it doesn’t go payware.

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