QuotePad – simple and efficient notes app

quotepad_icon I had posted about PNotes that allows to nicely replicate post-it-like notes in computer. However that approach can also replicate mess that paper notes often make.

QuotePad takes different approach and allows to keep notes and text snippets in the form of timeline.

What it does

App allows to keep notes in single dock-able window. Notes are automatically time-stamped on creation and interface takes care of organizing and grouping by that time. Note can be quickly moved to top (in context menu) – time changes to current.


Most interesting way to add note is Ctrl+Shift+Q shortcut that pastes text selected in any other program as note in QuotePad. If used in browser it will also detect and save URL of page text came from.

Strong features

  • simple and efficient interface;
  • multiply interface languages;
  • multiply color schemes;
  • incremental search/filter (just start typing);
  • notes can have individual reminders/alarms;
  • automatic backup of notes.


Shortcut to paste selection failed randomly for me. What is most weird that selecting bit more or bit less of text worked perfectly but some specific part of text was completely ignored. This might be issue with Opera hotkeys interfering, but I am not sure.

Needs and wants

It isn’t really an issue but I felt it would be natural for such interface to react to copy/paste. In fact paste is just ignored and copy includes timestamp in addition to the text of note.

Interface is custom type of window and doesn’t react to regular minimize command (which I have bound on MX500 mouse button). Another interface issue I disliked is that long notes get cut if window is resized to thin width.


Nicely designed and efficient app with native portable option. Only weird hotkey issues spoiled my impression quite a bit.

Home&download http://quotepad.info/

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  • Noam #

    Hi, It sounds good, but Icouldn't find the 'native portable option'? Where is it? I downloaded it and I can only see an installer. Thanks.
  • Rarst #

    @Noam Run installer and it will ask in the process if you want to perform regular installation or portable one.
  • tincanman #

    I like Cinta Notes. It launches with a hotkey and lets you tag and group notes for retrieval. Its fast and simple and unobtrusive 'cause it hides when you toggle it off. Blows everything else like it out of the water, for me anyway.
  • Rarst #

    @tincanman I saw mentions on that one (also around QuotePad actually) but it seems to be stuck in beta and saw comments it is going to be shareware. Maybe will revisit it later, if it doesn't go payware.