• I faced some installation issues on Vista. Overall, it’s impressive, though.

  • @Ky

    I am not much of Vista user. :) There is no-install version available there as well.

  • Adrian

    This program is actually fully portable.
    Anyway, I usually use it to determine if a program is portable. I extract the files from their setup installers and run the executables to check.


  • @Adrian

    It’s not fully portable. It will work from flash drive, etc… But it leaves logs and registry entries behind, as post mentions.

    By the way simply running executable will tell if program works without installation, but not if it is completely portable as well. I am planning to script few tools together to make proper portability test (some day :).

  • Adrian

    You can monitor the registry when running the executable to see if it writes anything there… I’ve done it before. I seldom do this now, so I’ve forgotten the registry monitor prog’s name…

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