• Give me Hirens Boot CD, and although there is a contention that the program (or suite of tools for repairing computers) contain payment software illegally, I like more. You name which only includes free software and I think it is very limited. Very good blog, I follow you forever. Greetings.

  • @Kervin

    Hiren is very good LiveCD, but it does indeed contain massive amount of payware. I won’t pretend piracy doesn’t exist… :) Still if you need LiveCD to use in work environment and such it is better to stick with free solutions like UBCD.

    As for me some of most used tests in practice (like Memtest) are free anyway so it doesn’t matter much if you run it from Hiren or UBCD or whatever.

    Glad you like the blog and to see comment from you. :)

  • Okay. I’ve got a four-year-old eMachine here that I have been messing around with for some time. It was purchased second hand, and has Windows XP installed with an invalid license. The customer would like to run Ubuntu linux, but I am unable to install anything other than the original operating system from the OEM restore CD.

    Will this CD help me get to a point where I can load an alternative OS on this piece of crap PC?


    Karl A. Krogmann

  • @Karl

    What problem exactly do you have with installing Ubuntu? If you want just nuke old partitions with data and let Ubuntu create new ones it should handle that just fine on its own.

  • @Rarst

    Thanks for your reply. But, no. That’s not the problem. I’ve been using Linux/Unix for fifteen years, and would like nothing better than to “nuke the partitions”

    My problem is this machine will not boot from _ANY_ CD other than the factory OEM restore disk. And the restore disk is now missing. All I want is to find something -anything- that will boot this damned machine and allow me to install Ubuntu.


    Karl A. Krogmann

  • @Karl

    Hm… Had you tried booting from flash drive? Maybe optical drive is old and not functioning properly, that can be enough to make it lag and ruin CD boot.

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