• Angelo R.

    Can’t wait to get home and try this one out. I had a call over the weekend (perhaps it was 2 weekends ago, I can’t remember), where a friend had the xp-police-av virus. Locked the taskbar and ran under a different name as well. Took me a few days but I managed to track it down and delete everything relating to it in the end. This would have made the whole process much easier as I knew the process name, I just didn’t know what it was working with.

    I worked with a few of the Nirsoft networking tools, but I never really spent any time browsing around the website. I never realized how many different apps were available. Thanks for this post!

  • @Angelo

    I can definitely relate to the “I wish I had this app” feeling. :)

    While Sysinternals has some awesome general purpose troubleshooting utilities Nirsoft excels at simple single-function ones. Site definitely worth exploring, which I often do.

  • I love tools by Nirsoft, their driver viewer is excellent as is their usb device viewer. Not seen this one before though I’ll give it a go,

  • @Jonny

    Yeah, need to do a post on USB one. Didn’t actually use driver one, soooo many of those utils. :) Need to check it out.

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