• This is indeed a good software. I had found a similar software called Synergy . This one is free and open source, and can be used at work as well. It even lets you control both Windows as well as Mac in same setup. Try it out.

  • Jim

    I have been using Synergy for quite some time, and Synergy+ 1.34 has proven to be very stable and flexible, but unlike Input Director, it doesn’t run as a service or share clipboards. Both of those features definitely makes Input Director worth a look. Thanks for the tip!

  • Jim

    I need to amend my earlier comment – Synergy+ 1.34 does share the clipboard, I had just never tried it since it wasn’t available on the earlier versions. Learn something new everyday….

  • I actually found Input Director while reading up on Synergy[+]. Latter has bit of a baggage with all drop-fork-bugfix story, so I decided to go for something more settled. :)

  • I tend to make my own cluster instead. Power lover, hehe. Not sure how to make a cluster using Windows, though.

  • Rush

    Very nice. I will check this out. Been looking for things like this.

  • @Noah

    Not sure how to make a cluster using Windows

    Stack shiny cases nicely so they look cute? :)


    Glad you like it. :)

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