PrtScr – cute and streamlined screenshot tool

prtscr_icon I’ve been short on topics recently (neck deep in WordPress/PHP, preparing new theme code-named it-is-not-a-vaporware for launch) and in such situations I usually hit dusty places like bookmarks or email.

Another dusty place that hadn’t got much attention is my Skribit account. Out of three old suggestions one was shot down while back, another today and PrtScr (cute and really easy to use screenshot tool), suggested by long-time reader Chocobito, made it into this post.

What it does

Well, it makes screenshots. In such a crowded niche it is more important how. PrtScr has quite an original workflow. On pressing Prt Scr or Alt + Prt Scr (current window only) capture is frozen on screen and you get a hint of available actions:

  1. write annotation;
  2. capture freeform region;
  3. capture rectangular region.

Then final capture is scaled down and kinda hovers near edge of screen while you can choose how to process it further.


The easiest way of processing – simply grab floating image and throw it somewhere like desktop.

Strong features

App’s site describes it as “step towards the Hollywood OS” and I kinda agree. It works as those tools in TV shows work – easy, flashy and effective. With important distinction of this one being real.


Usage model favors sketchy and spontaneous screenshots, rather than something precise and polished. Comparing to some current top tools like PicPick it severely lacks in features and customization options.


Refreshing alternative to generic screenshot tools, this one is all about being easy, pleasant and fast to use. Wholeheartedly recommended for when you need that over features (giving to non-tech-savvy person for example).

Home http://www.fiastarta.com/PrtScr/

Download http://www.fiastarta.com/PrtScr/Download.html

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  • voxpop #

    re PRTSCR (fiastarta) nothing ez about it. it won't work for me..vista home premium, firefox etc. i get a floating picture but no way can i figure out how to capture any portion of the picture or anything else. SURE WOULD LOVE SOME INSTRUCTIONS