• I installed it and tested it, but I found it actually became pretty annoying for my eyes to see such a yellow tint.

    I ended up disabling up.

    Good tips on slowly transitioning to the yellow, I think it was just too abrupt for me.

  • I love flux, even more so I love it on my iPhone!

  • One of my favorite programs ever. I install it on everything. Even my jailbroken iPhone.

    My only wish is I could make the transition longer than an hour, and have it start a little bit earlier. Other than that, if I need to do color sensitive work, I just disable it for an hour (closing my eyes first as it’s nearly blinding changing it from warm to blue that quickly).

  • Marcelo

    Sorry to talk about something else, but did not know how to do to ask:
    On a site you posted a code for a live search on wordpress, I tried it and it worked perfectly, but I have a problem …

    Site: http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/42891/how-to-create-live-autofill-search

    The problem is:
    This code is realy good, but i need that if i go to searching text click, the click go to the post.

    Sorry for my bad English.

  • @Marcelo

    Please keep WPSE stuff on WPSE, you can comment there when you gain some reputation on site. My blog (and especially random posts on it) have nothing to do with my activity there.

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