• I use the old calculator quite often. This one seems to be much nicer and quicker. I will give this a try. Thanks for the link.

  • Sometimes I wonder where you find all that stuff Rarst… ;)

    Honestly, it’s something I will install right away. I often have to compute some “complex” equations quickly and this is the way to go.

  • @Lyndi

    I was using default calculator for a long time myself. Becase it’s… well – default calculator. :) This one owns it.


    I tend to actively look for software that fits my needs best. Over time it adds up to hundreds megs of good stuff.

  • >>Doesn’t work on Vista

    Copy the installed exe file from XP to Vista machine and set the compability option to WinXP.

  • @Ky

    Thanks for checking, Ky. Hadn’t checked myself, all PowerToys are Vista-incompatible according to Microsoft.

  • dave

    I am studying algebra, so I was looking fwd to trying this. However, when I enter functions to be graphed, nothing happens! I try to give a variable a value, and nothing! Even in slope-intercept form! And there is no help file. Any ideas?

  • @dave

    What exactly you are trying to plot? Does example function already included plot fine for you?

  • dave

    I am trying to plot linear and quadratic equations. When I type one in the function input pop-up, nothing happens. Example: y=2x-5. Nothing. Tried f(x)=2x-5. Still nothing. Is it me?

  • @dave

    You are missing multiplication sign, computers aren’t good with usual for-people notation, they need explicit instructions. So this would be f(x)=2*x-5

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