What is horizontal scroll missing (fixed in Opera)

Opera Most of interface in Windows software is common and has exactly same behavior. But sometimes tiny tweaks to it in 3rd party apps suddenly make it shine.

Horizontal scroll is especially dull aspect. Someone in Opera development team was probably on the quest to fix it… And they did.

Missing way to horizontal scroll

I recently had to jump back and forth with horizontal scroll in badly coded page. I have scroll bars set to be very thin because I scroll with wheel anyway. But can’t wheel horizontal scroll if there is vertical present… Or so I thought.

On pure intuition I moved cursor on bottom scroll bar and rolled mouse wheel . Suddenly I was scrolling horizontal instead of vertical. It was so natural I felt totally dumb for not knowing it. Had to triple check to believe its Opera native fix and not something from Windows itself.

Opera is not an ultimate browser (there is no such in my opinion). But attention to details and usability its developers have is simply awesome.

Opera update

Opera had recently reached 9.60 version. No new major features but some updates to Opera Link and RSS reader. Plenty of fixes as well, see full changelog .

Download page http://www.opera.com/download/

Opera@USB is out as well http://www.opera-usb.com/

PS not sure but it seems this Opera update breaks visual editor in WordPress. Can anyone confirm?

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  • Gabriel #

    10.63 does not have a working horizontal scroll for me...
  • Rarst #

    @Gabriel You mean missing completely? Works just fine for me (and scroll with wheel is still present and just as awesome). Had you tried clean reinstall?
  • Gabriel #

    @Rarst On my freshly installed win7 I did a clean opera setup. I have this problem with my two laptops, both use synaptic touchpads, and this problem occurs both on win7 and ubuntu 10.10
  • Rarst #

    @Gabriel Really not sure what the reason might be... Is that on any site as well? Some sites are coded in the way so that might hinder horizontal scroll.
  • Gabriel #

    @Rarst Yep, it's on every site. The horizontal scroll however works on other browsers just fine (ff, ie).
  • Rarst #

    @Gabriel I can only suggest trying opera:config (in address bar), searching for scroll and looking through related settings. Never encountered or heard about such issue in Opera.
  • Gabriel #

    @Rarst Well I respect that but I found some sites that suggest some configuration of Opera in order to make the horizontal scroll work, so I guess the problem exists *or at least existed not only for my setup*.
  • Rarst #

    @Gabriel Thanks for link! From that description this seems more like touchpad reporting wrong key presses. I am interested to check what kind of touchpad my notebook has, but it's broken at moment. :(