• Angelo R.

    I’m in agreement with you there Rarst, except that I’m more concerned about what was said TO me in the last few hours, to make sure that I didn’t miss anything. For that reason, I rely on TweetDeck. It adds the search hash functionality that I need to stay on top of things, while also looking great.

    The only thing is, you have to devote some time to using TweetDeck as it’s almost full-screen. So if I start it up, I use it for about an hour or two straight, then pop it down again for a later time.

  • @Angelo

    You mean @replies? They are pretty easy to work with natively. I also use RSS feed from search to catch those that mention me without being replies technically.


    I tried TweetDeck but interface restrictions are bordering stupid. Columns with fixed width? Tiny buttons? No way to open create second timeline column (for different filter)? Clear messages to have them reappear on next start?

    It is one of the more functional clients and may shape into good one in the future. In current state it’s beta and too raw.

  • I actually made that suggestion – I guess I’ve been testing Skribit so much, that I didn’t realize I wasn’t logged in anymore.

    I’m using EventBox right now. It does most of the same things that TweetDeck does, but doesn’t start off over 100MBs like TweetDeck and almost all other AIR-based twitter client does. But I agree with you, I like to see a twitter client that tries to push the envelope somewhat.

  • @Calvin

    Happens. :) I had seen EventBox mentioned few times but hadn’t tried cause it’s mac toy.

  • I agree with Calvin, Tweetdeck relies of lot of RAM usage but it is very good iff you don’t want to be dependent on online user interface.

    Also you can try Twitterfox if you use Firefox

  • @Himanshu

    Tweetdeck is no good – for me. It does make a step further than other clients but it is so full stupid limitations (change column width? open two columns?) and usability problems (those rows of tiny buttons are just terrible). It’s perfectly fine for beta product but it’s not at stage worth such hype it is getting.

    Firefox for me is something Firebug runs on. :)

    Actually lately I mostly use twhirl – has its share of problems but one of more usable clients. And Mauku of course (on N810).

  • Angelo R.

    Oh very nice on having the 810! I have a Bold myself and I’ve been meaning to add the IM client to it. I think I’d use it a lot more than any desktop application. the problem I find with desktop applications, is that since they use some screen real-estate, you have to focus time FOR them. I want twitter to be something I can pull up, quickly update/grab info and then I need it to disappear while I work on things.

  • @Angelo

    Yeah, N810 is quite a device. :) See couple of related posts from me:

    I am trying to find time and do a full review, been using it for two+ months already.

    Lately I keep reading that people are considering moving IM stuff from desktop to mobile devices. Some of those like N810 and blackberries (I think, not much of these around here) are completely designed with text messaging in mind and it shows.

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