Kaspersky GetSystemInfo utility and site

kaspersky_gsi_icon I had bookmarked this one from GSI parser post at ghacks and turned out I didn’t really got how nifty this thing is. I got to properly test it and it turned out light and easy to use, honestly not something I tend to expect from most Kaspersky products.

GSI is software module that gathers system information plus site that analyzes it.

What it does

You start by downloading software module. It is relatively light (~600KB) and completely portable so can be used right away. It prompts for place to save report and if you want to submit it online automatically.


After that it scans local system and (duh) saves report and submits it online. Report itself is simply a roughly formatted plain text file with data. Online results are much more interesting. They are presented in kind of web app with multiply tabs and break down loads of configuration and software information.



Strong features

Very comprehensive scan – software, services, drivers, network ports and more are all covered.

Online results are hosted with public (randomly generated URL) and so can be easily shared. According to forum they are retained for 30 days or you can erase them manually if using free account on site.

There are command line parameters (see list with /? ) that allow to run and gather info silently.


Online results are nice but it would make sense for app to have some display mode as well. Text files are convenient in general, but not that convenient when they contain dozens of kilobytes of technical data.

Scan results repeatedly stressed that Comodo Firewall is potentially incompatible. I assume that this is as for other Kaspersky products, anti-malware software doesn’t play well with each other. Still such statements in regards of stable and proven software can be confusing.


Light and convenient tool with excellent and easily shared online analysis of results.

Link http://www.getsysteminfo.com/

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  • The DataRat #

    . I wonder if it's compatible with Avast that I'm running ? . The Computer Rodent .
  • The DataRat #

    . Thought this was an AV proggie. But, it appears to be a utility for resolving problems with Kaspersky software instead of finding malware. . The PC Rat .
  • Rarst #

    @DataRat Nope, this one doesn't remove anything. Merely informational utility, but quite useful at that.
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  • Ryan #

    Everybody knows that Kaspersky is a Antivirus software. Good thing here is that you explained the downside also and I think that can be very helpful for users.
  • Rarst #

    @Ryan More accurately Kaspersky is security software. They are offering multiply products, not only anti-virus. And I always (more or less) cover potential downsides in my reviews. Few software titles are perfect, and even less are perfect for everyone.
  • Ryan #

    Keep up good work :)