• I use Flashget to download most of my software. It has a comment field that I use to paste info from the site I am downloading the .exe or whatever.

    In the options there is an option to create an individual .log file for each download. This log file holds the comment data and data regarding the download stats.

    So I am now in the habit of putting info into the comment field. When I am not sure what a “setup.exe” is I look in the log file for a comment(Description)

    P.S. the last version of Flashget sucks…keeps crashing…but I have not come accross another download manager that has this function.

  • @Ralph

    I’ve used FlashGet for a long time myself, but gradually left it. Development got wacky and stability questionable.

    Now using Free Download Manager but lately rarely as well. Not much need for small stuff and large is mostly torrents nowadays.

  • I started with a similar directory structure, adding links to remember where I got it, adding text about how to setup it up nicely etc. But I was always getting outdated files after some weeks. I was not finding anything like apt-get on debian, so I started something similar to get setup files directly from the editor’s web site. Then I added the silent install flags whenever possible, removed the junk bars etc and this gave soft2base.com
    I don’t manage windows update stuffs, the system is already doing it nicely. I just keep a copy of latest SP for XP/Vista/Seven so that I can update “quickly” any machine

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