• I had an opportunity to use this software, and really liked it. It works pretty well, and is damn easy to use.

  • @Ishan

    Well, I won’t call any partition manager easy. Or hard for that matter. Pre-requisites of knowing what the hell you are doing are considerable, but if you know that all such programs are the same.

  • I think what really stuck my about this software was its easy to understand GUI .. if you see the screenshot that you have in there, clearly shows how the partitions would look.. essentially, reduces the chance of making some royal screw up.

  • @Ishan

    Yep, it is convenient. But hardly special feature. As above – I think (not too sure) that such interface was first done by Partition Magic maaany years ago. Or at least made popular by it, so all partition managers look more or less same since.

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