• Reminded me of my old school days. The only thing I still don’t know about YnHub is how to create bots in it using my custom apps.

    But I still prefer torrents to p2p sharing

  • @Himanshu

    I never dived really deep in there. :) More settings than I need.

    Torrents are obviously great but it’s much harder to handle regional/ISP specific control with them. Hosting tracker is not two clicks either.

    DC is good for creating non-global file sharing solutions.

  • SDC

    I’m using SababaDC.
    same network, but more faster and new look.

  • @SDC

    Hadn’t used that client myself.

    By the way suggestions work better if they are relevant to post and not copy-pasted across different blogs. ;)

  • Thanks for the wonderful info. Will try to setup own p2p and ask my friends to download the files.

  • @Nihar

    Yeah, using 3rd party file-sharing services or sending files directly with IM are both far from handy. If moving lots of files around own service works better.

  • faraz

    plzz tell me how can i find my own server ip to give strong dc member for join..! sorry for bad eng :-(

  • @faraz

    See post on YouGetSignal on how to check for you external IP and if port is forwarder properly.

    Note that if your provider doesn’t provide external IP then clients won’t be able to access any server you run.

  • faraz

    i just succeed to run my own server buddy yahooooo :-D

  • @faraz

    Glad it worked for you, nice way to exchange fiels and chat while at it. :)

  • faraz

    yar hub is gr8…! i just luv it…!

  • @faraz

    Glad it works fine for you. :) Going to try running one (again) myself soon.

  • faraz

    sure…! really i’ve really gr8 feeling when ppl call main admin…! :-D its gr8 to listen……!

  • The official site for YnHub is down. I mirrored the latest binaries on Github. github.com/blha303/YnHub

  • @blha303

    Thanks for bringing this up, although I am strongly recommending that any software should only be downloaded from official site/mirrors. If those are gone – it’s probably time to let go of it. :)

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