• This is one of the most elegant apps I’ve ever tried. Excellent program.

  • Robert Palmar

    Elegant is the word, Alek, yes.

    This app is brilliant in its simplicity.
    Q10 is my favorite “writer” and I use
    it whenever I need to get in writer mode.

    One warning Rarst, the app can become addictive.

  • @Alek Davis

    Yep, elegant is good word to describe it. “Dark room” editor isn’t really new idea but this one gets it quite right.

    @Robert Palmar

    Fortunately mess of importing and reformating final text in WLW acts as decent coolant for addiction. :) But I will be in danger if I find something similar with option of XHTML markup (at least paragraphs).

  • Robert Palmar


    I can see how Q10 would not be suitable
    for site postings as in your example.
    Importing and reformating into
    WLW sounds inefficient.

    Q10 excels as a stand alone writer
    when you want to concentrate
    on what you want to write
    with no distraction.

  • @Robert Palmar

    Yeah, that’s about my opinion. :) Most of my writing is blogging so I might look into similar editors that are more blogging-friendly.

  • Robert Palmar

    I have given Q10 its own file extension, .q10,
    together with the Q10 icon and save all
    writings from Q10 in that format.

    This easily distinguishes all Q10 files
    from other saved documents and
    Q10 can open them directly.

    I have added other editors to the
    right click menu of Q10 files in order
    to change the files in ways Q10 cannot
    should I need to including any reformatting.

  • Thanks will check this editor.

  • @Nihar

    As Robert warns above – can be addictive. ;)

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