• Oh noes, my autorun is disabled :) I see you have the same “problem” with drive letters. Yesterday I came to letter “R” already, and 2 of my HDs were unplugged =)

    So here’s a question for you… What happens when you reach “Z” and you plug in another usb key?

  • @Klemen

    Hadn’t checked but I assume icon is still supposed to show up with autorun disabled. Turning it off cancels autostart but not reading of autorun.inf… I think. :) Let me know if you can confirm or disprove this.

    If you are out of letters next connected drive would be detected but volume won’t be mounted to letter.

  • Well, I will try and report back! I believe icon will stay unchaned.

  • Double post, sry :)
    I’ve tried with your favicon, and here’s what happened:

    So I guess you are right and the icon tries to load even when autorun is disabled. The reason for the generic windows icon is probably in my partially corrupted registry (had some problems with acdsee, image associations were never the same again after that).

    Still, as a die-hard Total Commander fan, I need some other workaround to make my icons pretty :)

  • @Klemen

    Maybe Vista just has trouble making sense of using 16×16 icon.

    ACDSee – ewww… I am staying away from it for years already. :) IrfanView rocks.

    Total Commander is completely awesome, wish it was freeware. :)

  • Acdsee is the fastest raw viewer I know, tried many others, but I am always coming back, using it since version 3.
    Irfan’s little piece of code indeed is very nice ( I have it installed), but it’s just not enough for my humble needs :)

  • @Klemen

    No idea about RAWs, last camera I owned (till it broke) was before digital age. :) Never bothered to buy new one.

  • I often wondered how the process of making a icon was done. Looks very easy to do and directions are very good.

  • @Madmouse

    It’s not much different from image editing but usual image editors historically have little to none support for icons. IcoFX is nice, real life-saver when it comes to making images out of icons embedded in software executables as well.

    Drawing original icon is way out of my league but adaptiing existing image is easy. :)

  • @Klemen

    Went to site of Studio and it looks like overkill. :) I tend to use simple tools (IcoFX) when I can get away with that.

    That online converter is nice, thanks! I had seen some mentions of it lately but hadn’t checked till now.

  • Nice trick. I remember doing all these kind of things on Windows 98 few years back.

  • @Nihar

    Heh, Win98 was requiring drivers for flash drives, what a pain. :)

  • @DataRat

    Heard about that one, but not much interested. I don’t need it at my computers (file managers ftw)…

    What’s best about creating icons for external drives that they stay with you through other people’s PCs.

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