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utorrent_icon Version 1.8 of uTorrent was just released as stable (at last).

Changelog is huge, listing 509 items (including 261 fixes, 194 changes and 54 new features). And I really like how Notepad++ helps calculate impressive meaningless stats. :)

Short version for people that aren’t into downloading - BitTorrent is protocol made for easy file distribution. Huge success, biggest chunk of worldwide Internet traffic and lots of hate from anti-piracy organizations towards people who download music or whatever else with it.

Hadn’t time to properly explore new features (I was not following numerous Release Candidates sticking to stable 1.7.7 version) but obvious changes are nice:

  1. New square icon is cool.
  2. Downloading from RSS feeds made more prominent. utorrent_rss
    Bliss of a feature - it really deserves some love after being hidden in overcomplicated dialogs few people were brave enough to open for second time. :) Downloading files without having to look for them is the only thing better than downloading files.
  3. Nothing is broken. Which is good - I really value stability in software that I run continuously for thousands of hours.

Overall if you aren’t yet using BitTorrent in general or uTorrent as client - version 1.8 is pretty good reason to try.

Freeware, portable with small tweaking (need to move existing or create empty “settings.dat” file in same directory).

Home page http://utorrent.com/

Download page http://utorrent.com/download.php

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