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[update] Sadly the site has been discontinued and is no longer available.

bettween_icon While the Twitter is supposed to be very conversational most of the time you miss those, unless you participate or follow participants (and chat doesn’t get drowned in timeline noise). New interface improved looking up replies, but that relies heavily on using proper reply links.

bettween is a site that given two Twitter usernames puts their conversations together for you.

What it does

You can feed site either one or two Twitter usernames:

  1. given one it will compile and show list of most active conversation for the account;
  2. given two it will show the actual tweets accounts exchanged.


Tweets displayed retain pretty much all of the usual attributes – avatars, relative time, client used. The distinction for the better is that known replies are shown visually, rather than by obscure “in reply to…” link.

Strong features

Display of the conversation is very convenient to follow and can span quite far in the past. There is date filter available, if you are looking for something less recent and sort reverse if you want to start from oldest entries found.

Conversations have clean nice links that include account names – easy to share around.

For webmasters there is option to embed conversation in the site with provided configurable JavaScript widget.


Initial indexing of account or conversation (when you open someone not that famous like yourself) can take quite a few minutes. Site seems to suffer from hosting less powerful than it needs and can often be sluggish or error out.

The formula of only two accounts for the conversation feels like a considerable limitation at times. It would be highly convenient to read conversations that multiple parties participate in.

As for other features missing – RSS feed for conversation would make ton of sense.


Site is very convenient for its purpose, but suffers from performance issues. Might be attributed to beta status but it seems to be one of those eternal betas, being up since at least 2009 (according to footer).

Link http://bettween.com/

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  • aditya trivedi #

    but we can do it on all software, twwetdeck,twitter and all.. its actually no use to use this website.. but I think its not that useless also since its a startup(startup means freshers den :) ) and also we know all the updates are not linked may be this will link them
  • Luishi #

    Update: They don't work anymore.
  • Rarst #

    @Luishi Thank you for update - I've added note to the post. It's a pity, was quite useful at times.