• “Keeping my corner of the web free of dumb crap”…Might consider that for a new tag line. ;)

    Thanks Rarst for including me in your “cool comic strips” post, even though what I do would be better described as sketches or minimalistic graphical posts as you mentioned.

    Will I be shooting my blog another time? Only time will tell.

    Seriously, I love doing these sketches: they kinda represent how my brain works(lots of short visual thoughts/ideas ), it’s very natural to me and I’ve been not too bad so far at pumping out content quite regularly.

    Anyway, thanks again Rarst ( for this and for still reading the blog after 7+ course change :) )


  • @Ben

    You are welcome. And your blog isn’t hard to read – there is less to read after each shooting… ;)

  • @Siro

    Oh, quite like this one. Thanks! :)

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