SnapFiles.com - software portal with diverse layout

sfic It seems reviewing sites after I start referring to them became (unintentionally) customary. :) So yesterday’s reference was to SnapFiles and it gets its share of reviewing today.

Site is software portal that indexes both freeware and shareware. Good feature is that those are clearly separated from each other and you can choose where to look. Overall site layout is designed to give plenty of ways to browse software - there are categories, features, weekly and global top, user reviews, what was downloaded lately… No matter what your preferences in searching are and what you trust more (people, download numbers, editor reviews) - you get it. There are quite a few different RSS feeds available as well.

There is subscription-based SnapFilesPro available that gives some extra features but I don’t consider those important.

My only complaint is that SnapFiles tend to use “free trial” bit too much when “shareware” is adequate term. Pushing subscription service for stuff you can get for free elsewhere is not very inspiring either - but its their business model, no one forces me to use it. :) Also they tend to ignore submissions of apps that are too closely related to P2P. Torrent clients are fine, but torrent search utilities aren’t (that is not stated in policy, speaking from personal experience).

Link http://www.snapfiles.com/

RSS feeds http://www.snapfiles.com/feeds/

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