Sometimes bugs are tasty

entrecard_icon In my post on 125x125 widgets and services I had described them as generally full of bugs. Sometimes it is obviously broken things, sometimes it’s just weird quirks and long waiting for something to work.

Sometimes it makes you smile.

Yesterday evening I logged in to Entrecard and discovered around thousand credits on my account. Which is a lot for me since I am against mass-dropping and accumulate them slow (and spend fast).

I knew that Entrecard gives out credits for blog posts and had received some one or two times… Considering I post daily – not much. However I had not found any official word how it should work.

Seems yesterday credit giving system was on fire… or maybe out of being broken. I was credited for thirty eight blog posts, 25 credits per. I guess I am having big advertising day. :)

By the way Entrecard service could get new owner soon. It was announced in post at official blog. Auction at sitepoint is up and running. It is very interesting how it may resolve and there plenty of possible changes it could bring.

Update auction was canceled.

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  • Lyndi #

    I am also not sure yet how things work exactly at EC. Maybe I should go find out. I do know you also receive 25% of the credits paid to advertise on your site. Maybe this is what you received over and above your dropping. Talk about broken, today nothing seems to be working at EC. Maybe the system they use is just as tired of the whole thing as what the owner appears to be.
  • Rarst #

    @Lyndi >Maybe I should go find out. Good luck with that. It's not exactly well-documented. :) >Maybe this is what you received over and above your dropping. Nope, credit for posts is clearly marked as such in transaction log.
  • Free Ads #

    Entrecard for Free Advertising. Is this the same person who started something like miilion dollar and wiki? Lots of bloggers (and some top one) last year opined that the so called wiki is the greatest invention since the slice bread. VCs are lining up. Hollywood is ready for a movie. Hmm! what happened to that site? It will be nice to check it out in Alexa
  • Rarst #

    @Free Ads Well, time will tell and we can only brace for impact and be ready to run from ship (just in case).
  • Ben from frogstr #

    Congrats for these credits Rarst, it will give some more exposure to your blog I guess! By the way, is EC working well for you?
  • Rarst #

    @Ben I definitely could use some exposure... Things are pretty quiet lately without Google traffic. On EC - it's around 12% of my traffic (combined from ads and from entrecard site). It's considerable chunk in percent but somewhat low in numbers - my traffic is relatively low.
  • Luis Gross #

    I haven't used Entrecard and ever since I heard it was up for sale I've been hearing it's going to fall apart. I belong to a bunch of social media networks and I thought Entrecard would be just another one of them to take up my time (and sidebar with their widget), so I postponed it . . . for a while! I'm not sure about it, however. What do you think Rarst, should I join? Is it worth it? Think maybe the owner, Graham, did a little credit boost since he had put the site up for sale on sitepoint and people were disappointed? If you don't mind, let me know if it keeps doing well for you. Thanks for sharing!
  • Rarst #

    @Luis Gross Well, I had recently finished my study on different stuff for 125x125 slot (link in related posts for this one)... I don't think Entrecard is perfect (or even very good). It's decent but when the rest of stuff is terrible - decent will have to do. I will most probably lose it when I build up decent traffic. But for now any traffic is a traffic for me. It's indeed tool for beginners. PS I actually like that Entrecard has less of social aspect, I am not good with social networks. Strongly introvert. https://www.rarst.net/uncategorized/extravert-or-introvert/
  • Nihar #

    Hmm.. surprised to see this happen. my EC has not debited or credited because of this issue.
  • Rarst #

    @Nihar I got one more "post credits" entry yesterday. Maybe they indeed fixed what was broken and started to reward for all these post timely?.. Anyway Entrecard is kinda unstable lately. Selling, then unselling, then banning credit sales between users...