Google Wave invites giveaway

So you had asked and here they are. :) Today I got (at last) my share of invites to give out and after going through contacts I still have ~10 for my readers (that would be you).

  • long time readers and active commenters get priority;
  • use email you want invite send to in comment field, doesn’t have to be gmail account but you do need google/gmail account to use wave anyway (for now);
  • these are not instant, you won’t get confirmation that I even sent you invite until several days later.

If you somehow managed to miss it – post on Google Wave preview.

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  • Klemen #

    Um, I also have 20+ invites to give out, in case anyone wants them.. I already gave out 30+ and yet no one is really using wave atm =)
  • Nathan #

    I'm very interested!Please give me one,Thank you!
  • Simakuutio #

    And good to know: Google Wave works now ONLY with Chrome, Firefox 3.5 and Safari. That's a shame, Opera once again dropped out from list of supported browsers... (I think they have a reason). (Yes, I have my wave account but can't use it yet... with my Opera).
  • Rarst #

    @Klemen Well, for many it's only "need to get" quest. :) By the way don't think I have you in my Wave contacts, ping me rarrst@googlewave.com @Nathan Sent. :) Have fun when it gets through and be sure to ping me there. @Simakuutio Yeah, it's a gripe but common thing for Google. Opera has distinct engine and not enough userbase for Google to bother with support outright. Just do as I did - run Wave in dedicated windowof Firefox or Chrome. I do it with Firefox. Convenient and doesn't feel like multi-browser mess. By the way glad to see you around, been some months since your last comment. :)
  • Nathan #

    I just got the wave invitation mail,so excited!Thank you again!
  • Rarst #

    @Nathan No problem, have fun. :) Invites turn around seems faster now, most people get it in a single day.
  • Adrian #

    Please give me an invite, I would like one. @ SImakuutio. WAVE DOES NOT WORK IN the fu**ing IE? What would my friends say :)
  • vishnu #

    please send me one too. i really want to try it out.
  • Rarst #

    @Adrian Sent. :) No IE support is nice joke from Google. They are pretty much hunting that browser nowadays. @vishnu Sent. :)
  • Adrian #

    @Rarst, Thanks. I'm lucky that I have Firefox Portable on my USB stick. Adrian
  • prateek #

    pls do send one invite for me too..
  • Rarst #

    @prateek Sent. :)