Quix – multi-functional and customizable bookmarklet

quix_icon Bookmarklets rarely generate a lot of buzz (only exception I know is Readability). So I know it takes some real effort and value provided for bookmarklet to hit tech news.

Quix bookmarklet by Joost de Valk in scope of bookmarklets had basically exploded. Instead of single purpose it offers whole suite of functions and option to further add and customize.

What it does

When used Quix pops text input box and waits for command. It works much like type-to-do-stuff launchers, except instead of local stuff it makes use of multiply online services. Native functions cover many things from generic Google and Wikipedia searches to specialized webmaster and SEO bookmarklets.


help will open page on site with list of commands.


Quix has option of using file with custom commands. For that you must:

  1. create file according to command syntax;
  2. host file online (if you have no site Dropbox will do nicely);
  3. generate version of Quix bookmarklet, linked to URL of your configuration file.

Strong features

Being pure javascript bookmarklet, Quix is highly browser-compatible. It may not seem like powerful addition to modern browser, but on scale of much simpler mobile browsers it is suddenly total powerhouse.

Since customization is web-based it also allows to maintain set of your commands (and so common browsing experience) across different browsers.

What I like about commands is that they can use text selected on page and current page URL. Potentially this streamlines a lot of tasks and saves plenty of clicks.


Bookmarklet nature is both blessing and a curse for this one. My initial impressions where – Opera custom search knockoff. After some tinkering I did find additional stuff that custom search would have trouble replicating.

Still Quix feels like its competing with native browser functionality. And considering how much time I spend relying on browser and using its functions – Quix hardly wins.


Much of a geek toy, Quix is highly flexible bookmarklet that will require some thinking if you actually need it and how will you use it. It clearly caters to power users and I think there will be plenty in this bunch who will appreciate it.

Link http://quixapp.com/

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  • Saurabh #

    What were you not able to replicate in Opera? I have installed the bookmarklet for some days but not found anything yet which I could not reproduce.(I didn't try hard.)
  • Rarst #

    @Saurabh Opera custom search only takes one meaningful parameter (search query %s) natively. Quix can use other parameters, like current URL, domain and text, selected on page. After some thinking and searching this seems actually possible in Opera, but will require some inline JavaScript in search engine definition. btw I asked Joost to provide URL-like interface, so when he writes up docs it will be possible to [partly?] use Quix like custom engine in Opera instead of popup.
  • Saurabh #

    Yeah, nice suggestion. (You meant Quix and not Joost I assume)If you made some nice extensions to Quix please share, I didn't have the patience nor ability nor ideas to do so myself.
  • Saurabh #

    Oh Joost was the name of the person? Sorry. My mistake.
  • Rarst #

    @Saurabh Yep, Joost is developer. :) I will certainly make a post if I end up doing something interesting with it.
  • Saurabh #

    Rarst I discovered this magnificient webapp: http://yubnub.org/ from the comments at Lifehacker. Check it for yourself.
  • Rarst #

    @Saurabh Looks interesting... Busy evening so I will try to get it later today. Thanks for suggestion! :)
  • The DataRat #

    . Seems to have a very steep learning curve. And, like Saurabh (above), I'm having difficulty figuring out things it can do -or do better/faster- than using Opera's native features. . The DataRat .
  • Rarst #

    @DataRat We are just spoiled by Opera. :) Quix might not be something I will use consistently, but it is sure innovative in form+function and there are some features to pillage there. Yes, I am still envious about using currently opened URL and such.
  • Make Opera custom search site-aware with JavaScript | Rarst.net #

    [...] function of Quix that made me instantly want it in Opera custom search is ability to use current URL as parameter. [...]