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quicklycode_icon I was going through email and came upon two messages about this site from its creator. Persistence works I guess. :)

QuicklyCode is an online collection of cheat sheets (as well as wallpapers, widgets and other similar resources) on multiple tech-related topics.

What it offers

Site is a collection of references on various subjects, mostly in a graphical or otherwise easily digestible form.


All resources are equipped with small preview image, attribution and link to direct download (if possible) or source page.

Strong features

When I first checked out site (shortly after launch) it was naturally not too filled with content. By now it accumulated decent amount of entries that cover many more topics.

Entries are thoroughly tagged and for once this is a site where tag cloud actually make sense. :)


One thing I find inconvenient is lack of clear indication what type of file entry is. Before you click (or stare at link thoroughly) you don’t know if it takes you to image, PDF or other web page.


As with any cheat sheet resource or collection there can be no universal judgment on this one. Check the tags, see if anything clicks with your interests and dig in.

Link http://www.quicklycode.com/

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  • Seelenwahnsinn #

    Well that's awkward; I had QuicklyCode bookmarked for quite some time and was pretty sure I heard about it from you.The content is still pretty limited to me, but there are some really interesting things there. Also, I love the website's design; simple yet gorgeous.
  • Rarst #

    @Seelenwahnsinn Could have been mentioned in comments or something... Been sitting in my bookmarks for some months. Design looks bit untidy here and there for me, but might've been not tested in Opera or something. Works fine overall. :)