ClipNabber.com video download service

clipnabber_icon A lot of posts in this blog cover carefully picked and time-proven software and services. However at times I just need something done easy and fast – that is time when careful choices go out of the window and whatever Google search serves will do.

I got post on extensive video presentation on WordPress SEO by Joost de Valk of yoast.com in my RSS reader and since Opera is hardly good video player – I needed to download it. After few fast searches I tried ClipNabber and it worked.

What it does

ClipNabber is online download service that converts links of online video into download links.


To save you trouble retyping that URL from screenshot to satisfy curiosity urge – it is Primeval trailer.


In purest form of web service it is single-button site plastered with ads (about page claims “aesthetic appeal” and “clutter free” – somewhat delusional).

Site provides:

  • interface in few languages (not that it is needed);
  • support for more video sites then you will ever visit;
  • handy bookmarklet.


While not offering wide function set, service doesn’t require any kind of software and simply works. To download videos in bulk with transcoding on top you’ll need real tools like Any Video Converter. But for occasional download ClipNabber is perfect.

Link http://clipnabber.com/

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  • Nihar #

    Thanks for sharing this. do you know any other video sites that it supports?
  • Rarst #

    @Nihar Look at the bottom of page there, few dozens of those.