Extendably.com - blog that looks beyond software core

extendably_icon Ability to use external plugins can both go unnoticed or define software success.

Extendably is blog run by Josh (one of the more active ghacks co-authors) that is focusing on plugins and extensions to software. I think it’s extremely cool theme to pick. Clearly original comparing to blogs that try to grasp general large picture (like mine :) ).

Visually blog looks very clear with moderate blue-gray colors. There are some empty spots and pages but I guess time will fill them.

Link http://extendably.com/
RSS http://feeds.feedburner.com/extendably

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  • Lucas #

    Wow, that site has a hot design. :)
  • Rarst #

    Yeah, I like that theme. :) Very bloggish but with slight touch of that newer magazine layout.
  • Joshua #

    Hey thanks! And thanks for the link Rarst! I'm really glad you like the theme... that's exactly what my aim was Rarst... Hey btw Rarst, contact me if you're interested in becoming a contributing author. admin@extendably.com
  • Rarst #

    No problem. :) By the way is your theme designed by blogtastique? I'll try to write guest post for you if I have something fitting in ideas list.
  • Joshua #

    No not by Blogtastique. I designed it, then got someone to improve the graphics etc... Not guest post. Freelance =)
  • Rarst #

    >No not by Blogtastique. I designed it, then got someone to improve the graphics etc Wow... Must be nice for blogger to have skills to design for himself. I totally suck at design. >Not guest post. Freelance =) Queue! I just declined one tasty offer. *sigh* Blogging is strictly part-time to me (at this stage) so my hands are full with my own blog. It seems I won't need banners to monetize. I'll just replace adsense with huge "for hire" when I reach that point. :)
  • Joshua #

    I like your banner... simple but looks good... did you do that?
  • Rarst #

    No. :) As I said I suck at design. It was made by Daniel of Blogtastique.