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Really short version - for next month I am going to be really nagging everyone (yes, including you ) around to subscribe to my recent posts feed and even if you can’t stand RSS you can still go for email subscription. So do it now. :)

After you do you can relax and read on for background behind that and some plans for this month.

Blogging Idol

Contest held for a second time by Daniel Scocco of DailyBlogTips . It’s competition between blogs to increase their RSS subscriber count as well as research, try and invent effective techniques for that. Started today, you can see details in announcement post and list of participating blogs in scoreboard .

So this month is going to be under sign of RSS for me. I am already posting quite a bit on this awesome technology so not really much of a change.

Why subscribe

It’s not like I want everyone to just read my feed and stop visiting my blog ever (as I strongly suspect plenty of my readers do :) ). Still RSS is great tool to keep up with updates . I’d prefer my readers to be efficient in their daily online routine rather than not having time to read my blog.

Get updates page covers starting up with feeds and what RSS feed really is post covers internals of how it works.

Help me a bit

I rarely do calls for action. Will you help me this time? :)

  • subscribe to my feeds , if you already reading one of them check other as well (recent posts , software updates );
  • send your friends and other online contacts, who might be interested, short message with your opinion about my blog and links to my feeds .

Good time to make me work for your blog

  • Ask me for a guest post . You can check those about SpeedFan or Hexagora PerfMon as examples. I only ask that you add short introduction with your opinion about my blog and links to my feeds.
  • Let’s exchange blog reviews . I have built up some reputation already in Reader Blog Critique project and you can also check BradBlogging review for standalone example. I am only giving honest and thorough reviews. No bribing here. In return I ask you to post your honest opinion about my blog overall, design, content and again - links to my feeds.
  • Let’s exchange ads . I made 125x125 banner for this contest for linking to my feed. I am offering to host your 125x125 banner for two months if you host mine for one month (which is the duration of contest). You can go for less than month, I will still show your banner twice longer. Possible duration bonus if you sign up for exchanging reviews and maybe other stuff. Spots are limited so I reserve right to be picky! :)
  • Whatever else you can think of. Feel free to ask.

Comment on this post so I can get back to you or mail me contact@rarst.net .

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  • charles #

    That is a good promotional offer. I might try it if i can. Don''t have spaces.
  • Rarst #

    @charles No point in making bad offers. :) Thanks for visit and comment.
  • Suzanne@Money Making Ideas #

    Hey Rarst ~ It's working fine now ... Must have been getting massive amounts of traffic for the contest already!!! Again, good luck and let's kick some a#% together. *huGs* Suzanne
  • Rarst #

    @Suzanne No idea what it was. :) My traffic is far from high as usual.
  • Jani #

    Hi Rarst! That ad exchange sounds like fun! I'm in if you also want to. The reason I'm saying it is that my blog currently has less visitors, but since I'll also do my best during the contest, it's going to increase significanlty ;)
  • Lyndi #

    I wish you luck with this new endeavour. If this does not generate many new subscribers then I do not know.
  • Ben Tremblay #

    It's cool you're getting into this contest. I mean, you're the rss subscriber expert, right? ;) I already see the changes you made to your template for more subscriptions, good work!
  • Rarst #

    @Jani Sure, I've mailed you details. :) Thanks for taking my offer and good luck to both of us in contest. @Lyndi I strongly suspect someone is going contest-bribe way and gain times more. :) Not my way still. @Ben I am RSS expert without much traffic to convert. :) Yeah, I used motivation to improve few things. Need to add one more block on front page.
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