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I got email from Giles Dawe about my post on Interfacelift, suggesting that I should also check out Desktop Wallpaper site.

I must admit that Interfacelift is probably best wallpapers site that I am aware of, but the more the merrier. Let’s see what this one has to offer.

What it has

Desktop Wallpaper has wallpapers split by numerous categories. Some of those are further split into sub-categories.

No indication of quantity per category (sitemap lists 650+ wallpapers overall). I’d say nature and cars seem most populated and rest of categories can be anywhere from single wallpaper to few pages of those.


In few minutes of browsing site managed to pile up mountain of gripes:

  • wallpaper quality is all over map – from excellent ones to anime fan site grade (which is lowest on my scale);
  • no attribution or sources of any kind. I noticed at least one image that is simply digital camera shot (not even properly cropped);
  • choice of image sizes sucks (one-two for most wallpapers I clicked) and site loads full-sized images for thumbs (slow and bad practice).

For laughs – site terms prohibit linking to anything except index page and claim ownership of all content. I wonder how can one can claim and protect copyright over such wallpapers as default one from Windows XP. :) As usual no logo or screenshots to illustrate how well such ToS work.


There are some cool wallpapers there and that’s probably it. One can say it is all that’s required from wallpaper site. Personally I trust Interfacelift to supply wallpapers for my desktop automatically, but I won’t trust Desktop Wallpaper to do that.

Link http://www.desktopwallpaper.org/

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  • Chocobito #

    Its a good wallpaper site, but I prefere a chinese site very good, you can check it here: http://www.wall001.com/
  • Rarst #

    @Chocobito Thanks for suggestion, will check it out. :) I hope to find some site that rivals Interfacelift some day and have twice of awesome wallpapers.