Typealyzer.com – horoscope for web pages?

typealyzer_icon Martin of gHacks had recently made post titled Typealizer: What Type is That Blog . It’s about service that claims to analyze text on page and evaluate personal traits behind writing.

I’ll take as compliment being used for example near such major blogs like Lifehacker and Download Squad . :) And it’s more than fair to pass some links further. I do not like pure link posts so this is my excuse for today.

So in no particular order

Click through these so you can thoroughly compare your impressions with those of Typealyzer. :)


Mostly boring types much into logic and order around here. :) With occasional sparks of intuition. Do you take this seriously? Not sure I am, but it’s cool to let go and hear some computer generated opinion for a change – nothing personal, just mystery of secret algorithms.

Useful part

Typealyzer seems to be one of the few services based on uClassify . I’ve browsed through their blog and there are actually possibilities for useful stuff like anti-spam filtering. Time will tell if it gets anywhere.

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  • Ben Tremblay #

    hahaha man I love that and it isn't too far from truth to be honest! Very cool :)
  • Rarst #

    @Ben Glad you liked it. I don't really see it as especially deep and meaningful but as I said - excuse to throw some links around. :)
  • Nihar #

    Rarst, just now checked. i am getting as ISTP - The Mechanics in typealyzer.com. How did you get doer?
  • Rarst #

    @Nihar You mean for niharsworld.com? No idea, it shows me Doer. Re-checked just now.