Check links before downloading with DrWeb antivirus

drweb_shield_icon I am quite a fan of excellent free antivirus tools DrWeb provides (as promotional for their commercial products). I was browsing their site for news and noticed that I hadn’t yet explored and covered their online link scan.

What it does

DrWeb Online is simple web form that takes local file upload (VirusTotal would be better for that) or link to file and scans it for viruses.

Executable and other binary types are scanned as with usual antivirus. For web pages JavaScript code included in them is checked for malicious code.

File size limit to check is 12Mb which is enough for all possible pages and most of small to medium software packages.

Browser integration

Visiting separate form is hardly comfortable for checking bunch of files so there are also instructions provided how to include option to check link into context menu of main browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera).


Easy and fast way to check is file safe without downloading it (or any software) as well as screen possibly suspicious pages before visiting (other option is to ask Google about site safety).

Link http://online.drweb.com/?url=1

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  • KTecNet® #

    I use VirusTotal and like this. Now, i'm using DrWeb that you indicate on this nice post to... Thank you ;)
  • Rarst #

    @KTecNet You are welcome. :) VirusTotal is awesome but you have to have file first and some places (like my work) have Internet setup that breaks uploading files to web. So DrWeb comes to rescue in such cases.
  • Jonny #

    I like Drweb's scanner that you have reviewed here before but I tend to download and scan files with a number of av's such as bitdefender 10, a-squared, malwarbytes and spybot that have their own context menus in windows. Not sure how handy it is to scan before download as if you are not actually running the file then what is the problem? I have avira running too and this is pretty effective at catching most things. For scanning web pages I use finjan secure browsing plugin for firefox but it hardly ever picks anything up. As I don't go to many dodgy sites and have adblock and noscript installed I feel pretty secure but also as I'm using windows - not that secure.... I'll stop rambling - good review!
  • Rarst #

    @Jonny If on fast unlimited connection it is usually easier to download file and scan it. But if not - it's good to have option to scan before download. For example I have 20Mb daily traffic limit at work, so I can't just download whatever I see and sort later there. :) Same with dialup or 3g on the go.
  • Jonny #

    Ah I see, cool app if on limited bandwidth. I also use virustotal if i find that I'm unsure with whether something is bad or not.
  • Rarst #

    @Jonny Yeah, VirusTotal rocks. :) Sometimes too much because smaller fish AV engines in there trigger way too much false positives at times.