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interfacelift_icon Sunday should be less about work and more about rest, right? :)

So instead of doing some work I should be doing at moment - dip into eye-candy area. For the last year Interfacelift is one of two sites that made me stop looking for wallpapers elsewhere.

What really hooked me:

  • extremely high quality. Lots of wallpaper sites claim that but few deliver;
  • most of wallpapers available in multiply sizes and in both fullscreen and widescreen;
  • extended tags that allow to look by different categories - from colors to equipment photo on wallpaper was taken with.

Since wallpaper post simply demands a picture here is the one I use for myself (rest I downloaded are mostly to play match-the-notebooks at work). “A Ride in the Woods” by Bin Mei.


Link http://interfacelift.com/

RSS http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper_beta/rss/

Do you have favorite wallpaper site? I’d like to do list of them some day but two I visit are obviously not enough. :)

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