• Nice article Rarst. I agree that web hosting is normally quite unreliable. I had an instance of my website going down at a time when some advertiser wanted to review the website, and that cost me the advertising deal. I sometimes wish there was a way to have website traffic redirected to some backup website in those instances. It might be hard to keep backup website in sync with the master one, but I feel it would be worth the effort.

    I also use a similar service to continuously monitor my website. I use “mon.itor.us” for that (that’s the actual website name). It checks my website once every half hour, and sends me alerts whenever it is down. This one is also completely free, and I haven’t seen any limits on free account. Really like it.

  • @Ishan

    Well, I’d say cheap hosting is unreliable. :) It is not impossible to get extremely reliable hosting, but it will come with adequately high price tag.

    I think half an hour is too large interval (even if it is common for free services of such kind). It won’t catch short downtimes, that can easily add up to considerable sum over time.

    Pingdom shortest available interval is one minute.

  • One minute sounds pretty good. You are right – short downtimes are missed when interval of checking is 30 mins.

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