• Hi, TidyRead has been improved a lot and you can customize page by page. We recommend you to give it another try and sure you will like it.

  • Hello.

    I’m Readable App’s developer.
    You should try Readable App again. V2 was just launched a couple of days ago and it’s a huge improvement — besides the fact that it offers a lot more options for users to tweak according to their preference, it also works much better and on many many more pages.

    I’m sorry you didn’t report the problem with Readable when you encountered it — anyway, it’s fixed now (it was a small conflict with the mootools JS library).

  • @Tidy Read

    Will do, thanks for update. :)

    @Gabriel Coarna

    Most certainly will try it. Sorry for not reporting right away, I am usually happy to but having quite hectic week. :)

    Thanks for notifying me, I will re-check both services and update article accordingly in day or two.

  • The DataRat

    Maybe Bro. Rat is missing something here, but he’s able to
    accomplish the same text clarification using the very granular
    screen magnification available in the Opera browser.

    Sure, even IE in v. 8 has more convenient window magnification
    now. But it doesn’t compare to Opera’s by-percent incremental
    adjustment !

    And don’t forget Opera’s Author Mode / User Mode control for
    web pages with bad text-to-background contrast. ( Got to love
    web sites with black text over a dark blue background, or light
    color text over what’s basically a camouflage background ! )

    Yeah, Chrome ~is~ faster than Opera. A lot faster. But it
    hardly has any features ! I’ll give up some speed for useful
    features any day. And, Opera is STILL FASTER than IE 8.

    The DataRat


  • @DataRat

    I totally love Opera screen magnifying but it does break some poorly coded pages to hell. And sadly there are still way too many of such around.

    User mode is also awesome but way too troublesome to setup for lazy people like me. :) Only site I actually use it on is Google Reader and I was pretty much forced on it when Newsgator Online died.

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