Encode text to post online with Postable

postable_icon All of the web is code inside. Browsers are made to interpret that code and render page accordingly. That (together with curse of compatibility and security issues) makes it tricky to display code that looks like a code.

Solution is to convert some characters used in code into character reference and Postable does exactly that.

Character entity reference

These are like invisible jargon that says browser – I want to display ampersand ( & ) but it is just a symbol that has nothing to do with code. In case of ampersand it should look like &

There are a lot of such references defined and they are kind of hard to just type every time. Some editors that create text for web will take care of conversion but they won’t really help when making a comment or filling anything else in online form.

Even if it displays properly skipping encoding may create code that won’t pass validation.

What it does

Postable is simple to use online service that takes any text and encodes characters in it.

So something like this:

<!-- something like this –>

Turns into something like this:

&lt;!-- something like this --&gt;


Single-button tool that gets job done perfectly.

Link http://www.elliotswan.com/postable/

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