Colorjive.com – online image editor to paint walls

Another email suggestion that was waiting for its time (half a year and I might clean inbox at this pace).

Colorjive (seems to be sister service to Calibrize) is specialized online image editor that helps to preview how will room look, painted in different colors.

What it does

Site takes photo as upload (there are also few examples to play with).


Editor allows you to paint/choose color areas in the photo and then change their colors.

Colors to apply come from extensive embedded library that seems to follow some kind of US standard, so I am not acquainted with it. There is also option to search for ColourLovers palettes and use closest matches from paint library.

Strong features

It does really impressive work with color. It is not simply changing a hue:

  • shadows and lighting are preserved (mostly, fine details are lost in the end);
  • it nicely processes complex scenes such as semi-transparent curtain over wall.


Why is it every time interface called intuitive by developer it is so terrible? Editor is pain to use because controls are very atypical, make little sense and rely on drag’n’drop too much. Help even lists some hidden features. Seriously? I thought features are meant to be used and not buried in documentation.

Might be specific Flash/Opera combination but it also stressed CPU a lot and lagged when actively working with brush tool.

Free version limitations

  • Initially you can only work with one photo and three color areas. There is also no way to save photo (screenshot, ahem).
  • Free registration allows to save photo and share direct link.
  • Paid account adds options to store several photos and use more color areas.


Impressive technology framed by less than stellar interface. If you can get through initial learning curve (or your intuition manages to match that of developers) then it is very interesting and useful for its purpose service.

Link http://colorjive.com/

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