• It was interesting to see some of the history of madmouse.com because it is over eleven years old. It brought back some memories, some good and some not so good.

  • @Madmouse

    Wow, eleven years is a looong time online. :) Impressive. I hadn’t messed with publishing for years after I got online, so my longest running online estate dates to 2003 I think.

    I hope this blog sticks around for decade or few. :)

  • @Rarst – You just got to hang in there through the good and bad times and not give up. If something doesn’t workout right, regroup and try again. That is what I did.

    Crazy, over eleven years. Seems like just yesterday.

  • @Madmouse

    I am more afraid to get bored, I rotate most of my hobbies every few years.

  • When i see aviationearth.com or farrhad.com, brings back good old memories, of how pathetic my sites were when I was 12 years old! :D

  • @Farrhad

    Heh, people don’t start awesome. :) I am bit afraid to look at posts from only months ago here. What would I think about them after few years.

  • @Rarst

    haha Ya!
    I had valued AE a few months ago….it was 150$ after the redesign it was sold for 1200$ :)

  • I really love this tool and use it once it a while when I’m curious about how a website looked like a couple of years ago! ;)

    Google and Yahoo! are particularly interesting to look at…

  • Rarst,

    I know this one and i will use it very often to see some sites.

    It’s site from alexa and Amazon i guess.Very useful site man.

  • @Ben

    Yeah, Google is just too cute… Not. :)


    It’s connected to Alexa but Internet Archive itself is nonprofit organization.

  • Great to know about this. Let me check whether my blog is archived or not.

  • Rarst, I can see the archived copy from December 2007, when i started this site.

    But donno why the archive has stopped. after Feb 2007. what could be the reason?

  • @Nihar

    No idea. Your blog is properly indexed by Google, right? SO settings are fine. it may be simply slow – inclusion of archive copy to index may take 6-12 month according to them.

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