DistanceFromTo.net – Google Maps plus ruler

I am having a lot of fun with competition Opera is currently running – matching daily photo to country. Was laughing about how it took me seconds to determine place several countries away but a lot of time for place that is only few streets far.

I wanted precise distance to tweet about, so went to Google Maps and it kinda failed. Few searches later I ended up at DistanceFromTo site that extends Google Maps with distance measurement.

What it does

Most of site is regular Google map with all features of such like dynamic scaling and multiply display modes.


Site adds to it two markers and tells you distance between them in kilometers and miles. You can change positions by typing places in or simply moving markers them on the map.

Why bother

Honestly I doubt such information is very practical. Still I needed it, site’s developer needed it and since site is still live there are enough people visiting who do need it as well.


Simple but well-implemented mashup that does its thing well.

Link http://www.distancefromto.net/

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  • The DataRat #

    . Been wanting something like this. Thanx, Rarst ! . The DataRat .
  • Rarst #

    @DataRat Any posts you relatively hate around here? I have trouble establishing baseline. :)
  • The DataRat #

    . "Any posts you relatively hate around here ?" . There's posts you do which Bro. Rat is ~disinterested~ in. Like the recent one on Iperf/Jperf. And ANYTHING you do on command line. I just ~ignore~ these. But until you start putting up articles about Twitter, Snow Leopard, and Facebook, there's nothing that rises to the level of "hate" ! . The DataRat .
  • The DataRat #

    . Please add i-Phone to my "hate" list. Thank you. . DR .
  • Rarst #

    @DataRat Oh, those on command line aren't for people. They are for IT slaves professionals desperate for obscure solution someone must have encountered before. At times you have to be that someone. :) I like Twitter, but I mostly keep that on Twitter (as it should be). Apple sucks as company. Most social networks are disgusting retarded time sink.
  • kelltic #

    No, no. VERY practical for some of us. You just made my day! Thanks!
  • Rarst #

    @kelltic I should probably give up on trying to guess which posts will click with readers and which won't. I get it wrong too much. :)