• Chocobito

    Happy birthday rarst.net keep going with that good articles ;)

  • Congrats on completion of a grand year of blogging, wish you all the best for all the good looking future :-).

  • Keep up the great job. I wish I had as much time as you do to work on my site. Unfortunately school is taking most of my time.

    Fortunately, my site is making about $200 cash every month. :)

    Happy Birthday!

  • @Chocobito

    Thanks and will do. :)


    Hehe, thank you and I will do my best so future goes well for this blog. :)


    You will be done with it some day, just try to don’t get yourself into even more troublesome job. :)

    Nice figure btw, what monetization works for you?

  • What I’m doing is not troublesome, it’s extremely great. I’m working in a lab on a university with some very talented people. So I’m conducting a project and participating in this summer program as well in San Diego, CA. So I’m enjoying myself. :)

    Monetization? Primarily link advertisement. Check my menu on my site…you’ll probably realize what I do. It’s mostly people contacting me to place links on my site. It works out well!

  • These figures are impressive. To me it has always seemed that you really enjoy blogging and I would like to think that this is the biggest contributing factor towards your success. Happy birthday.

  • kelltic

    Funny how themes affect people. I used to love gHacks, but after they changed the look of their site, I dropped it from my AM list. I’m sure they miss me :)

    Order is overrated and (in my life) always short-lived.

    Profit, on the other hand – well, you can never have too much. Good luck with that.

  • JeeMan

    I tried to keep a blog, and failed, so I really understand the time and effort you put in it. It will pay off in time.

    FYI, one of the reason that I come back here is not only because you have great and interesting articles, it is because you take the time to read and reply to our comments, that really makes a difference!

    Congrats to you, and happy birthday at rarst.net!

  • @Diego

    Now that you say it I vaguely remember asking in the past once already. :) Don’t think paid links path appeals to me.


    Some days less than others, heh.

    I think that every single milestone post in this year had your comment. Thank you for being around and your long commitment to reading what I write. :)


    Ouch, I’ll hope you will like my next theme or I’ll have to leave old theme option just for you. :)

    I define order in life as “no one tries to screw with me and my head for substantially long period of time”. I don’t ask for much.

    And thanks, luck improves anything. :)


    So they say. :) I certainly hope so.

    On comments – I like to get answers when I comment so I won’t do it any other way here. There are very very few people who leave comments and even less do it consistently. Proper reply is least of things they deserve.

  • I’m accepting anything that helps pay my school bills since everything is so expensive now. =) So far its working out fine for me. My ad placement right now seems to be the most effective as well. I’m average about $.40 on certain days and up to $3.00 every now and then.

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